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Seguro Estudiantil

The brand manual that we designed provides the guidelines for the correct application of all the elements that constitute the visual and communicational identity of the Student Health Plan of the Unifranz Clinic. The manual is the cornerstone that then allowed us to create the website, presentations, ads, banners, and other assets.
Centrico Digital was responsible for conducting a market research in Bolivia to assess the needs of the audience. Based on this study we designed the brand manual and then the web platform that allows you to acquire insurance quickly and easily.
  • Client
  • Student Health Plan of the Unifranz Clinic
  • Industry
  • Insurance
  • services provided
  • Market Study, Web Design, Corporate Identity
  • Art Director & Designer
  • Luis Cabezas
  • About the client
  • The Student Health Plan of the Unifranz Clinic is a student insurance platform that seeks to improve the quality of life of people in an integral way by solving health care needs and contributing to the development of medical knowledge for the benefit of Bolivian society.
  • About the project
  • We created an online platform that facilitates and improves the process of acquiring insurance for students in Bolivia. The project began with a market study to understand the needs of the audience, a brand manual to define the line of design and communication, and the programming of an easy to manage platform that allows the purchase of insurance online. Now the Unifranz Clinic, in addition to offering a prominent health service, also has a platform superior to those offered by the insurance industry in the country.
The experience with Céntrico Digital was very enriching thanks to their constant proactivity, valuable recommendations and focus on maximizing the results of their initiatives. The working environment with Centrico was always quite comfortable, which facilitated understanding.