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This animated video was produced to educate and engage potential clients about what they can do with their health insurance, while at the same time reminding them that Tecniseguros accompanies them in the entire process if they have any doubts about their insurance.
Centrico Digital is responsible for writing the scripts, creating a storyboard and creation of the animated video.
  • Client
  • Tecniseguros
  • Industry
  • Insurance Broker
  • services provided
  • Design, Video
  • Designer
  • Daniel Cortez
  • About the client
  • Tecniseguros is one of Ecuador’s leading insurance brokers with more than 40 years of experience, advising people and businesses to choose the most appropriate option among the different insurance companies that operate in the Ecuadorian market.
  • About the project
  • We decided to create engaging content that will educate potential clients about health insurance with a creative and beautifully designed animated video for different digital marketing campaigns with the objective of lead generation and engagement.
Animated logo
Based on the creation of the logo, we created an animated motion graphic to use in videos.
The experience with Céntrico Digital was very enriching thanks to their constant proactivity, valuable recommendations and focus on maximizing the results of their initiatives. The working environment with Centrico was always quite comfortable, which facilitated understanding.